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What They Say About Our Products

“The active soymilk is now my best friend! Now a mother of a 3mo baby, this acts as a great milk booster for me and also works as an energy booster. I feel less tired throughout the day and i can get more things done. Taste also pretty good.”

Aliza Sara Mason

“Awesome drink. Fills my needs as a person who has been suffering from gastric for many years. Thanks to Sidney Kan for this introduction”

Anna Choo Gaik Imm

“It’s been a long journey for me, recovering from chronic autoimmune diseases and with oral chemo medication. All these treatments has been draining my systems down.
With my strict diet, this is enriched with Prebiotic, Probiotics, Fenugreek plus Multivitamins which is really what my body needs for recovery. But, the most important thing to me is that, it is Lactose Free, Organic and it’s suitable for people with gastric problems.
It’s really easy with just 3 scoops of the powder and 200ml of lukewarm water, I get a nice glass of soymilk anytime of the day. Especially on days when I feel nauseous and loss of appetite. I know I’m still getting my nutrition from this easy to prepare drink.”

Eileen Koay

“I’m a type 2 diabetic patient, Active Soyamilk is the drink for the night in managing my blood sugar levels as well as it fights to improve my digestive system & protecting stomach. Hurray, I can sleep well now, thanks to Anna Choo for recommending Active Soyamilk.”

Ivy Khoo

“Macam2 produk sy cuba untuk mengatasi masalah gastrik saya akhirnya saya jumpa AL soya susu rumusan khas untuk kesehatan perut.. Hilang segala masalah gastrik seperti sesak nafas, kembung perut, kurang selera makan hilang selepas saya mengamalkan AL Active Soymilk ni.. Rasanya enak dan tiada bau.. Saya mengesyorkan kepada kawan2 Dan untuk yg mempunyai gastrik gerd produk ini amat sesuai..”

Nor Nazia

“Hai. Saya nak review pasal active soymilk ni. Rasanya sedap. Kurang manis. Sesuai untuk yang ada kencing manis.ambil waktu pagi buatkan rasa kenyang dan bertenaga. Dan ianya halal.”

Nur Farhanaa Azaman