HS Petroleum Jelly 90g


HS Intensive Care with Vitamin E & Olive Oil is a multitasking balm enriched with Olive Oil that forms a barrier on the skin to seal in hydration, provide protection and offer nourishment. This moisturizing and soothing emollient sends relief to dry skin, lips and hand, to restore back their natural healthy state.




Product Benefits:

  • Seal Skin Surface To Prevent Water Loss
  • Antioxidant To Improve Healing Process & Reduce Scarring
  • Rich In Vitamin E To Prevent Skin Cell Damage

Direction of Use:

  1. Apply Liberally As Often As Necessary.

Suggested Use:
Apply liberally as often as necessary.

Active Ingredients:
Petrolatum, Vitamin E, Olive Oil

Product Features:

  • Non-greasy texture.
  • Intensive Care with Vit E.
  • Enriched with Olive Oil.
  • Provide protection, moisturizing, hydrating, soothing effects.
  • Suitable for dry skin, crack heels, lips and hands.
  • Safe for Baby use.

Who should take HS Petroleum Jelly?

  • Any dry/ scaly skin
  • Skin scrapes/ minor burn
  • Extra skin restoration & protection with Vitamin E
  • Extra moisturizing effect with Olive Oil

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