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Active Soymilk Plus is aromatic Soymilk with Fenugreek which consumed for addition of daily nutrients. Enhanced with Prebiotic and Bifidobacterium longum (probiotic), as well as natural herbs Fenugreek, it is a functional supplement effective to solve our GASTROINTESTINAL & INDIGESTION PROBLEM.

Boost your intestinal health and have a thorough relief from all the pains and discomforts coming from indigestion!

DO NOT USE hot water!




Helps in preventing:

  • Gastric Pain
  • Gastric Reflux
  • Heartburn
  • Indigestion
  • Bloating Stomach
  • Constipation

Suitable for:

  • Gastric Problem
  • Constipation Problem
  • Breastfeeding Mother
  • Pregnant Woman
  • Boost Immunity

Suggestion of Usage:-

  • Servings Per Container: 20
  • Serving Size: 30g
  • Water Per Serving: 100ml
  • Portion: 1-2 servings per day

Active Ingredients:
Organic Soy Bean Powder, Polydextrose, Maltodextrin, Vitamin Premix, Omega 3 Flaxseed, Silicon Dioxide, Bifidobacterium longum, Fenugreek Powder.

Who Are Suitable For AL Active Soymilk Plus?

Digestion Problem
Enhance with prebiotics and probiotics & fenugreek to solve digestive issues.

Breastfeeding Mother
Fenugreek has the ability to promote lactation for a smoother breastfeeding process.

Boost Immunity
Weaker immunity such as elderly can be enhanced by probiotic & flaxseed.

Menopause Women
Phytoestrogen from soy has beneficial effect on hormone control.

Increase nutrients and proteins for vegetarian practicing individuals.


  1. Can AL Active Soymilk Plus be prepared with hot water?
    No! AL Active Soy milk Plus is not recommended to be served in hot water due to the probiotics content in it. Boiling temperature may kill or deactivate the probiotics in it. Recommended preparation water is cold or warm water.
  2. Will I experience bloating after drinking too much AL Active Soymilk Plus?
    No, you will not! In AL Active Soymilk Plus, the skin of the soybean has been removed due to the indigestible and bloating problem after it has been fermented in the intestine and stomach. Therefore, it is more digestion-friendly compared to other soymilk.
  3. Can gout patient drink AL Active Soymilk Plus?
    Yes. The main factor to cause gout is the high purine content in food like organ meats, anchovies, seafood, and shellfish. AL Active Soymilk Plus is totally gout-friendly because the high-purine soybean skin has been removed from AL Active Soymilk Plus. Hence, it is a suitable replacement of high purine food for gout patient.
  4. Can diabetes patient drink AL Active Soymilk Plus?
    Sure! Sugar content is the most concerning issues among diabetes patient which related to their blood glucose level. In AL Active Soymilk Plus, we use polydextrose, which is a type of oligosaccharide to replace simple sugar. It is a complex carbohydrate that will release the glucose from our body slowly to prevent any spike in the blood glucose level.
  5. Can male drink AL Active Soymilk Plus?
    Sure! It will not change any of their hormone. The nutrients in AL Active Soymilk Plus can also help to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

3 reviews for AL Active Soymilk Plus

  1. milky362

    This product is effective for my gastric problem and the taste is very aromatic

  2. necromaniacide

    Brg order diterima dan dibungkus dgn bubble wrap dan dlm kotak, tiada kerosakan pada tin, suda minum dlm bbrapa hari, ada kesan perubahan yg baik.

  3. Seng

    Good product and fast delivery, will repeat order

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