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  • Nappy rash for baby or adult

  • Any rashes due to sensitivity

  • Minor cuts, grazes and burns.

  • Eczema and dribble rash

Dermapy cream integrates the healing power of natural plants and zinc oxide in treating and steady recovering from nappy rash.

It provides a soothing and calming feel to baby to ease any uncomfortable feeling from nappy rash. And most important, Dermapy is totally fragrance and coloring free.

Suggested Use

Step 1: Clean the rashes, red patches or itchiness area with soap and water thoroughly.
Step 2: Wipe/ dry up the area as water could reduce the absorption of cream into the skin.
Step 3: Apply a thin layer of Dermapy cream on the cleaned skin and leave it for 1-2 minutes before put on new nappy.

Apply as often as you need.

Active Ingredients

Zinc Oxide, Mineral Oil, Black Currant Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Balloon Vine Extract, Tocopherol, German Chamomile Extract, Bisabolol, Aloe Vera Juice etc.

Product Features

  • Zinc Oxide – Treating And Promote The Healing Of Nappy Rash
  • Active Components From 7 Natural Plants Oil
  • Black Currant & Rosemary Oil Soothing Properties.
  • Coloring & Fragrance-Free